An Archive of Conversations in Contemporary Art with Artists, Collectors, Curators, Dealers…

InitiArt Magazine is an online art talkazine featuring exclusive in-depth conversations with top artists, collectors, curators and gallery owners. These Conversations with key players of the art world constitute the major section of our magazine. We bring to you artists from all over the world. They are exciting, courageous, generous, open, and dynamic.

Selina Ting set up InitiArt Magazine in 2009 while completing her Ph.D in Art History in Paris. She is a specialist in contemporary art with over 10 years of professional experiences both in Asia and Europe.

Between Fall 2015 – 2019, Selina is Director and Editor-in-Chief of CoBo, Asia’s first Community platform for collectors. Selina was Editor-in-Chief of Whitewall China in 2014 – 2015. Selina has published extensively on her research projects as well as on general issues regarding contemporary art and culture.