Ahmad Fuad Osman – The Importance of Being Free

An artist’s studio visit to Ahmad Fuad for a self-confessed “unstructured” discussion, which ranged from discussing the artist’s loyalty to long-term projects, to his views on political art. Ahmad Fuad began by welcoming an unstructured discussion as a useful tool for his own thinking, and a means of mental refreshment.

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Collectors Talk – Reshaping a Collection

When a collection no longer reflects your taste and concerns as you evolve into a sophisticated collector, what should you do with it? Are you ruining your credibility if you clean it up and resell? Collectors Talk with Amna Naqvi, Alain Servais, Tom Tandio. Moderated by Selina Ting

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Ali and Amna Naqvi: Experiential Collecting

The Maecenas of the Pakistani art scene are called Amna and Ali Naqvi. Based in Hong Kong, they are real pioneers in their field in Pakistan and began their art collection more than 20 years ago. They started with local contemporary and modern art, but their collection has expanded over the years to include art from China, India, Indonesia, and Japan.

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喬空間(Qiao Space) 創辦人喬志兵創辦的上海油罐藝術中心 (Tank Shanghai),集各式展覽空間、廣場、 綠地、餐廳、書店和教育中心於一體,預計於2019年3月向公眾開放。他向CoBo Social分享他營運全新空間的理念和經驗。

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Sanyu – A Modernist Dandy in Paris

Following a series of recent exhibitions dedicated to the modernist master Sanyu (1901- 1966) in Taiwan, we take a fresh look at the work of the artist and re-examine his contribution to art history as part of the Ecole de Paris.

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