Crack a Curate’s Egg – Reshaping a Collection
Speakers: Amna Naqvi, Alain Servais, Tom Tandio
Moderated By: Selina Ting
26 March 2019 (Art Basel Week Hong Kong)
@Loop, Hong Kong

In today’s sense, a Curate’s egg is something partly good and partly bad.

When a collection no longer reflects your taste and concerns as you evolve into a sophisticated collector, what should you do with it? Are you ruining your credibility if you clean it up and resell? How to redefine your direction and stay disciplined in collecting? Do “strategies” apply when it comes to a passionate and intimate activity such as collecting art?

Collectors Amna Naqvi (Pakistan/Hong Kong), Alain Servais (Brussels) and Tom Tandio (Jakarta) share their hard learned lessons and advice on the undesirable but sometimes unavoidable process of reshaping a collection.

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