Enough is Never Enough – Collectors on the Incurable Collecting Virus
Speakers: Kim Camacho, Richard Koh, Arjuna Rajasingham
Host: Selina Ting
28 March 2019 (Art Basel Week Hong Kong)
@Loop, Hong Kong

“Collecting is like eating peanuts, you just can’t stop.”
More than peanuts, art gives you an adrenaline rush like nothing else does. When the intensity and the joy have subsided, the craving for the next piece re-emerges. While the idea that people can be addicted to love is contentious, collectors’ craze for ever more artworks is unquestionable.

How to deal with this collecting compulsion? What impels art collectors to acquire works of art and continually add objects that encroach upon their physical and psychological space? What’s the bond between the collector and the object? After all, is collecting art a healthy addiction?

Collectors Kim Camacho (Manila) and Arjuna Rajasingham (HK / Sri Lanka), together with collector-gallerist Richard Koh (KL/Singapore), will explain the universe of potential desire that awaits each of them, every time they receive an art invitation!

This event was produced and published by COBO Social on 28 March 2019 as part of the Art Basel Hong Kong Week 2019.

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