@ CoBo Challenge 2017
Host: Selina Ting (Editor of Chief of COBO Social)

Does Art Make you a happier person? Does owning art make you richer? Doesn’t living with art give you a sense of fulliflment? CoBo Social’s Director and Editor-in-Chief, Selina Ting, speaks to Belgian collector Alain Servais – CoBo Challenge at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 on the subject of Happiness.

About Alain Servais

The Belgian collector, Alain Servais, started collecting art in the late 1990s. With a strong focus on emerging artists, Alain has built up a significant contemporary art collection which is highly versatile and forward-looking. Alain is also among the first to collect digital art and support young artists by offering residency program in his loft in Brussels where he keeps his collection. One of the most committed and passionate collectors today, Alain spends most of his leisure time visiting museums, biennales, galleries and art fairs, and sharing his insights in the art with his twitter fans.

Follow Alain Servais on twitter:  @aservais1

The Video was produced and published by COBO Social on 25 March 2017 as part of the #COBO Challenge @ Art Basel Hong Kong 2017.

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