@ CoBo Challenge
Host: Selina Ting (Editor of Chief of COBO Social)

Massimo De Carlo gallery just opened a third location in Hong Kong, with a show of paintings by Yan Pei-Ming. CoBo asks the gallery founder about how it’s like to play in the middle of a game, his ping-pong game with Yan Pei-Ming (guess who won?), his favourite exercise during the exhausting art fair and surprises him by bringing him a taste of the orient.

About Massimo De Carlo gallery
Massimo De Carlo gallery was founded in Milano in 1987. Since the beginning Massimo De Carlo gallery program included young and prominent artists such as, among others, Alighiero Boetti, Rudolf Stingel, Maurizio Cattelan, and Yan Pei-Ming. The global affirmation of these and the other artists of the gallery has favoured its on-going success.

Throughout the years, the gallery’s artists have been shown in international museums and biennials, and thus obtained an outstanding place into important public and private art collections.

The Video was produced and published by COBO Social on 25 March 2016 as part of the #COBO Challenge @ Art Basel Hong Kong 2016.

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